Monday, September 7, 2009

End of Summer

This will be the last post (until further notice, or until I get my hands on a digital camera, rather than a camera phone). I started "Your Daily Tree" one year ago and it was always meant to be a four-seasons thing.

When we first moved to the Northwest, I was amazed by the gigantic fauna all around us, particularly the evergreens, which literally surrounded our property like a mini-forest. The sound they made in the wind was whispery and mysterious. They added much greenery during our gray, wet winters. Birds used them year round and provided me with a lot of viewing pleasure while I worked in our upstairs office (with its large picture window). Walking around our neighborhood, I noticed a tree fantasia. I thought it would be worthwhile to record it all here to see the change of seasons and to add a bit of nature to the Internet.

Now we're back in Northern California (it's a recession thing) and it's also beautiful but in a different way, of course. It's sunny nearly every day at the moment and the trees are less varied in this part of the country. We're just as surrounded, but I don't have the awe factor needed for the blog. Though I marvel at the California Oaks and their gnarly, twisted brand arms, reaching out in huge canopies all around us. I can only take so many photos of an oak (while sweeping up the acorns that the squirrels chuck onto our deck every day).

Here's a few from the park near our house. I'll leave the blog up so I can look back and remember...