Thursday, August 30, 2012

Crabs Are Born Free

Everyone went crabbing in Stonington, Connecticut and after we filled a bucket, the crabs were set free. One last summer activity before school starts. The first film is part of the 1-minute video project on Vimeo. Shoot a film for one minute—no camera movement; use natural sound—that's it. Minimalist cinema.

One Minute Crabbing in The Atlantic from Miss Lisa on Vimeo.

Crabs are set free!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Monarch Butterfly on a Zinnia

My mom-in-law has some great butterfly gardening areas in her yard. I tried so hard to get a shot of "wings open" but I guess when the butterflies sip nectar, they prefer their wings closed. They only seem to open them when they're getting ready to alight or take off. Perhaps if I had a super-expensive camera, or more patience. I do love that the head and thorax are spotty. I never noticed that before.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Trees of Southern Texas

My beloved Uncle Jacinto died recently and I just got back from San Antonio to attend his funeral service and visit with family. My Uncle was an extraordinary man and I'll miss him more than I can say. Here are some of the trees of Southern Texas: colorful, rugged, scented, givers of much-needed shade in the hot summer sun.

In front of the church in Helotes.

My Uncle and Aunt's back yard in the hills of southern Texas. I saw a road runner but he wouldn't stay to have his photo taken.

One of many birdhouses on their property.

This is a tough tree.