Monday, April 12, 2010

Double Rainbow

It's there. Look to the left of the main rainbow. Yesterday could only be described as a monsoon. Torrents of rain. Then late-afternoon sun. Then rain with the sun for a couple of hours. Hence: double rainbow.

Tangential thought: there used to be dozens of Double Rainbow ice cream stores all over San Francisco and the Bay Area. Now Double Rainbow ice cream is only available in a limited number of grocery stores. The ice cream has become as elusive as its name.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Avert your eyes!

Or suffer the consequences, all who look upon here. Trees so overly pruned and topped that they're no longer trees, but scary monsters! With spindly growths that desperately try to become tree-shaped again, only to be cruelly lopped off each year, like a kid getting buzzed with dad's clippers. Why don't these homeowners just rip out these stumps-that-used-to-be-trees, and plant some shrubs instead? Then shape them into perfect rectangles, spheres and cubes to their heart's content.

Oh, the humanity.