Sunday, December 8, 2013

Heather Farm Park in the Cold

We're experiencing a cold snap in Northern California. Compared to parts of the U.S., this is nothing, but to us—it's pretty cold. Highs in the evening in the 20s-30s. Daytime high today was in the low 40s. Two weeks ago we were wearing shorts and T-shirts, biking all over the place and looking around for our sunblock. I feel bad for my San Francisco friends when it's cold. I have yet to see a San Francisco apartment or flat with adequate heat or insulation. Plus it's damp. Stay warm, my friends.

A walk in the park yesterday.

Mt. Diablo was snow-less, despite the rainstorm the night before.

Cormorants - they sun themselves to dry off.

A weeping mulberry tree, looking grandfatherly.

Flags at half-mast in honor of Nelson Mandela.