Thursday, June 4, 2009

Oak Tree - 1867

I've neglected this blog due to our hectic schedule this month. We'll be moving back to California after nearly two years in the Northwest. It's recession-related, but we have a good set-up to go back to--a job, a nice neighborhood, and good schools, plus (bonus!) friends and family.

I thought I'd settle near Portland and live out my days here. I love this place, especially its natural beauty and...its trees. I never would have started this blog if I hadn't moved here and immediately noticed the character and profusion of trees. The trees keep it green, fresh and inviting all year round, whether it's raining, snowing or shining down on you.

I had planned to do this daily blog for one year so I would have a record of the seasons to look upon all year long. I don't know if I can keep going until August, which is when I started this project, but I'll give it a try. Of course there are beautiful trees in Northern California, but there's not the lush, watery rainforest effect, like in SW Washington. No matter. The seasons all blur into one another there anyway.

Meanwhile, here's a Dessau Oak taken by Gerd Volkerling, scanned from "A World History of Photography," edited by Naomi Rosenblum. Packing up the house leaves no time to photograph anything, but lots of time to notice old photographs, so here's a glimpse from the past that could have been taken yesterday.

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