Monday, June 13, 2011

Highly artificial spring-time at the Hyatt Regency San Franicsco

Perhaps the most artificial environment in San Francisco, the Hyatt Regency atrium never fails to deliver the weirdness. The giant puffy flowers are a new element alongside the cold 70s-era modern decor.

Alas, the formerly revolving restaurant, Equinox, is now stationary, and for private guests only. I remember my dad taking us there when I was around nine and not only was it amazing to revolve 360 degrees throughout the course of our meal, but the ice cubes in my water glass were ROUND with HOLES in the middle! I'm not kidding! I was really impressed.

Jackson experiences the wall-o-water in the giant fountain.

Mel Brooks used the Hyatt's atrium and its zippy glass elevators to great effect in 1977's High Anxiety.

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