Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Snowy Egret plus bonus turkey-duck

We had a beautiful outing at Golden Gate Park this weekend. Jackson brought his remote-control boat and we stopped by Lloyd Lake (forgetting momentarily that Spreckels Lake is set up for RC boating). But this geographical miscalculation worked in our favor. Lloyd Lake ends in a waterfall, is surrounded by trees and wildlife, and is accented by Greek columns, for that romantic, historical look.

Here's an egret who didn't mind me getting up close with my little Canon Powershot zoomed in. The egrets in our neighborhood are very shy and fly away as soon as they notice you're stealing their souls photographically. This urban bird actually preened and stretched but wouldn't give up his sunny spot. I like seeing all the things egrets can do with their necks.

Bonus: one of the odd, over-sized ducks that appear to be part turkey in appearance. Is that possible?

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