Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Au Revoir Baby Bird

The mourning doves nesting in our flowers left their chick on its own two nights ago and we think he or she might have frozen due to the cold spell we're having. The other egg never did hatch. It was a disaster this week for nearby bird life. The parents came back yesterday and sat on their chick for another day, but today they were walking around the yard, making noises and probably distressed.

I took the baby and the egg out and gave them a burial, but I left the nest, in case the parents want to try again. Apparently mourning doves can lay eggs up to six times a year. That helps explain why there are over 70 million of them in the U.S.

The only good news is that I was finally able to water the flowers and they perked up right away. Otherwise, we're pretty sad that we didn't get to watch this little guy grow up and fly away.

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