Saturday, June 30, 2012

Labyrinth and community gardens - United Methodist Church

Jackson and I did a lot of driving and getting lost while driving yesterday, so today I tried to figure out something to do nearby that was cost-free and outdoors. Turns out there were NO scheduled events in the area today that I could track down. There's usually quite a few, so I blame summertime laziness and the upcoming 4th of July holiday.

Ultimately I thought it was the perfect day to finally pay a visit to the labyrinth at Walnut Avenue United Methodist Church in Walnut Creek. It's made from brick and gravel and modeled after the one at Charles Cathedral in France. It's open to the public and the adjacent Art Whipp Community Garden is a treat. Some plots are mostly roses or other long-stem flowers. Some are all vegetables. And one was solid tomato plants, creating a tomato-plant forest. Who will be eating all those tomatoes, I wonder? They are sure to be delicious, coming from this sunny plot of land.

Jackson and I walked the labyrinth and when he made it to the center stone, he was triumphant. Then we ran all the way back through it, because that's what ten-year-olds (and their mothers) do. Some of these photos are Jackson's.

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