Sunday, December 2, 2012

Walnut Creek and Heather Farm Park after 1.5-inch rainfall

Normally this section of Walnut Creek (uglified as a canal to prevent flooding) is placid and so shallow, you could theoretically walk alongside the water without getting your feet wet. But not today after a RAGING monsoon hit this morning. It was a wall-of-water falling for at least two hours, dumping more than an inch of rain before 9 A.M.

It cleared up by early afternoon and we took a stroll to see what we could see. Crazy-fast water from the creek, heading out to sea. And the lake in the nature habitat at Heather Farm Park rose up over the road and into the creek along the walking path. A lone worker (later joined by a small crew) was trying to unclog a drain with a single shovel. Hail, water-district personnel!

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