Monday, April 1, 2013

Hedge Creek Falls - Dunsmuir, California

You're going to drive down the road a bit, off the highway
Look for the sign that looks like a train
This town used to be called Pusher
'cause they pushed trains up the hill here

Walk down the slippery sloping path
shiny with wet mud from drips and drops
Berry bushes aren't Poison Oak
they're jaggedy around the edges, see?
See the thorns? That's to protect the berries.
Poison Oak wants you to touch it.

Keep going, you're almost there.
Boulders sound like what they are.
There must have been water rushing through here
like nobody's business
hundred, two-hundred-thousand years ago

Is that your Mom?
Tell her it's OK to walk under the overhang
It's not too slick under the chute
Tell her stagecoach robbers used to hide under there
before robbing the coach
She afraid?
Tell her that crag's not going anywhere
for another hundred-thousand years

To get to Hedge Creek Falls from Weed, go south on Interstate 5 to the first exit for Dunsmuir, Take an immediate right on the frontage road at the bottom of the offramp; you will see a small park and parking area on your left, Park there; the trail to the falls begins next to a rock fountain that overlooks the Sacramento River canyon. - Hedge Creek Falls

Poem #1 - NaPoWriMo

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