Monday, September 2, 2013

Sunset Sky and Mt. Diablo Double Rainbow

Perhaps the terrible fire near Yosemite is altering our weather. It's been humid here, which is unusual for NorCal. And lots of smudgy clouds. Last night they were fiery red, and me without my camera. Tonight they were brilliant pink and I made sure to grab some shots. How to pick a sunset shot for posting—I couldn't do it. Here's a series. As always, click for bigger images.

If you notice any black blurs in the sky, those are swifts. They swoop in configurations at dusk—filling up on tasty mosquitoes and other flying creatures before retiring for the night under the walking bridge nearby.

While I was marveling at the sunset, Keith was doing his usual weekend bike ride to the Mt. Diablo summit. And there was a double rainbow, without rain, just a lot of moisture in the air and on the ground. Mt. Diablo has its own weather.

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