Friday, March 21, 2014

Lime Ridge - Walnut Creek, CA

I haven't done any hiking on Lime Ridge since we moved here four years ago, but all that changed since we've been hanging out at Boundary Oaks Golf Course on a regular basis. Lime Ridge rises right out of the links. One of the practice holds is an actual tiny foothill of the ridge. It's nice to see the view from the golf course, and while Jackson practices, I head on up, trying to avoid cow herds in case there's a territorial bull near by. There's a manzanita trail (with that peculiar scent of manzanita—like an old-time corral) that the cows aren't allowed to graze upon, so that's the better bet.

A wind-blown Oak

A long-ago fallen tree

The fingers of fallen-tree fate

View of Walnut Creek with Shell Ridge beyond

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