Thursday, September 18, 2008

This shouldn't happen to a tree

Our neighbors took drastic measures to thin out their Douglas Firs, making them look like pointed palms. In this case, you might as well GO ALL THE WAY and chop them down. This is not much of a look for an evergreen, especially in an area full of very tall, full greenery.

To make it more mysterious, some kind of incredibly loud creature used to live in one of these trees, shrieking every afternoon from 2 to 4 p.m. I never got a glimpse of this animal, but it sounded much like what I imagine a pterodactyl might have. It's gone now. Too embarrassed to live in something out of a Dr. Seusss tragedy. It sounded something like: HYAAAAAAAAACHHHHHHH!!! CHYRAAAAAAAAAACCCCHHHH!!!

I don't miss that.

Update: I talked to the little girl who lives in this house and she told me the sounds were coming from their pet cockatoo, who was caged in the backyard. They've since sold it (to whom, I wonder?) and now all we hear is her long-haired dachsund, yapping and howing the live long day.

Please enjoy this video of Snowball the dancing cockatoo. He's really quite good.

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