Monday, September 8, 2008

UC Berkeley Starts Chopping

The last four tree-sitters are holding out in a redwood tree at UC Berkeley this weekend. University police are in the cherry-picker, trying to talk them down, but no go. UC wants to build a sports center but were stymied for 21 months by tree-sitters who didn't want 42 old-growth trees cut down for the construction project. UC has promised to replace all the trees or to move existing ones to other locations.

At one point when police tried to forcibly remove some of the sitters, they were pummeled with urine and feces. It's been a hell of a protest, but it's winding down as of 9 a.m. today. What happens then? Nobody's saying, but the sitters will not be allowed to sit any more, having already been cut off from their food and water supply as of Friday.

I like trees for sure, but if a school wants to build a sports center for its athletes and a court order says it's OK, I guess I'm one to shrug my shoulders. I can't imagine living in a tree for even one night, let alone 21 months, so that's impressive, but at some point, there's a lot more pressing problems in the world. Righteousness or wrongfulness? Having already been trimmed up to the top, this tree would be an eye-sore at this point anyway.

source: SFGate

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