Monday, October 13, 2008

Esther Short Park - Vancouver, WA

Esther Short Park is in downtown Vancouver, which is sort of revitalizing itself and sort of depressed at the same time. Really nice old, brick buildings coincide with newer construction and ugly 60s-modern box structures. There's a wonderful Farmer's Market (closing October 26th for the winter), a playground, a bandstand, and lots of big trees. Also nearby: an excellent toy store, a children's art store, good eats and lots of little art galleries. Plus trains, the I-5 drawbridge to Portland, the Columbia River Walk, and the Port of Vancouver. I dig it.

The clock tower in the park is a tribute to Chinook salmon and their holy place in the Native American tribes nearby. Once at 4 o'clock, some little doors opened up near the bells up top and they revealed a beautifully painted scene of fishermen near the river. Then the clock tower told some salmon mythology, but we were playing in the fountain (see last photo) and couldn't hear everything. Jackson was really bummed that he missed the story, so we'll have to go back to hear it again.

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