Friday, October 24, 2008

Treehouses That Grow With the Trees

Today's Oregonian's Homes & Gardens' section had a nice article on treehouse builder and arborist Austin Wienecke. "An arborist's perches gently hug trees," is the rather awkward title for a good read by Ruth Mullen on how to think like a tree when you're building around a tree.

Bob and Mary Martin are shown relaxing in their lovely octagonal treehouse overlooking the Willamette River. I would love to have a treehouse like this, or even a more primitive version. I will have to read up on carpentry and trees. We have a good-sized Douglas Fir in the backyard that is crying out for structure (or so I imagine).

From the article:
Seattle author and treehouse guru Peter Nelson believes our fascination with trees is prehistoric, passed down from ancestors who found safety and comfort in their towering presence.

Photo by Marv Bondarowicz, The Oregonian.

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