Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Park Ave. Trees, Portland OR

A Park Ave. tree fell over onto an arts-related building last week. I couldn't find the photo of it on OregonLive (terrible search engine over there), but here's some upright trees from about a month ago. There's been ridiculous amounts of snow, wind and rain for the past few weeks, so trees are reacting.

A big fir tree branch fell on our roof while we were gone and somehow slid down onto the fireplace flue on the side of the house. Luckily only the protective metal mesh casing was dinged. The flue seems fine. Our roof is covered in greenery and I'll have to get up there and brush everything away. The former owners of our house left two huge Douglas Firs growing next to our house. They're very nice but they can be ominous, especially during severe weather systems.

OregonLive has a story on storm damage to local nurseries' greenhouses. Some Japanese maples didn't make it. Sad. Now that torrential rains are expected, flooding may begin. Already a few houses have washed down hillsides or been blown through by sliding debris. Miraculously--no one has been seriously injured, even while escaping slides from inside the homes. Harrowing stuff.

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