Thursday, January 22, 2009

Stormy Weather...

The Oregonian is a good source for gardening information. I always read the tree articles, of course. Here are a few from January.

We've had some major weather this winter. Record snowfall, windstorms (I was just at Beacon Rock this weekend and couldn't walk down the street due to wind--it was like being in a Buster Keaton film), and tree damage. Kym Pokorny's blog on OregonLive has a brief article on what to do with trees after a storm: Hire an arborist if you need to

Kym also reviews her favorite new gardening books, including Sean Hogan's "Trees for All Seasons: Broadleaved Evergreens for Temperate Climates."

How do you prune a Japanese maple anyway? Lisa Albert gives us an overview in How to prune a Japanese maple.

Birds are hungry in the winter. Make quick winter bird feeders for them.

Today's beautiful photo is of the Washington side of the Columbia Gorge by MemoryHunter; posted on the Oh, Snap! blog.
We drove down Highway 14 this weekend to explore this side of the river and it was windy, green and beautiful. The Columbia was choppy with white-caps all day. A visit to the Bonneville Dam was pretty interesting and quite rainbow colored within.

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