Friday, February 27, 2009

Redmond Treehouse

I haven't been able to get out enough this week (or get any work done INside either) since our family has come down with the "Portland Crud." So named by a writer that I was supposed to meet up with this week in a new writer's group. Unfortunately, the Crud put an end to that meeting, and to all tree-themed activities as well. In fact, most activity was postponed until further notice.

So here's a beautiful shot of a treehouse that came from my wonderful "Treehouses of the World" calendar from 2008 (Abrams, Inc.). This was the cover shot for the calendar, and the bookit came from by photographer/writer Pete Nelson. Many of the houses featured are from Washington state--not surprising given the perfect conditions for treehouse construction around here.

From the calendar: Finding a treehouse like this one, an ornate plywood palace in a broad-leafed maple tree, is like finding buried treasure. Steve Rondel of Redmond, WA had three children grow up before he could finish this exceptional edifice. Now he is looking for grandchildren so he has an excuse to push on.

Go forth, Steve. Obsessive construction projects are among the most creative and enjoyable endeavors.

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