Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Your Every-other Daily Tree

Lately I haven't been able to post each day as planned. We all came down with terrible colds that continue to linger in asthmatic ways. My son was really laid low by an ear infection. We're on our way to healthy livin' at the moment but now I find myself working from home on a Web site or two, which is very, very good news. But something's gotta give and it's the tree blog. No worries. If I can't do it daily, I'll do it when I can. We have a lot of trees around here--as you may have noticed.

So without further ado, I present today's tree of March 3, 2009. Good things are coming our way in March. Daylight Savings begins on the 8th (more daylight!). Spring begins in two weeks (time to prune!), and by the end of the month, cold and flu season will have run its course (we hope).

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