Saturday, August 28, 2010

Aquatic Park - San Francisco

I took Jackson on a whirlwind public-transportation tour of San Francisco for his last day of summer vacation. He loves public transportation and the beach, so we got going via BART, then a street car to meet dad for lunch down town. Then we braved a congested cable car experience with dozens of very tall European tourists, and finally: the beach. Ninety-degree weather made it especially summery. And there were several pelicans, dive-bombing the water. Whenever they dropped straight down into the waves, you could hear people on the beach go, "Ohhh!" in awe and admiration. Pelicans are strange, ancient-looking birds. I was glad to see them.

The creature rising from the sea in the second photo is either a Dolphin-club swimmer's arm, or Nessie the Aquatic Park Monster.

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