Monday, August 23, 2010

Blue Heron just barely

A nice couple pointed out this blue heron while walking along the path last night. They were thrilled and whispering and pointing--THAT'S that proper approach to bird watching, people. None of this tromping around and exclaiming, "WHAT? A HERON you SAY? WHERE?" So, thank you, nice couple.

I was able to shoot off a bunch of shots in a dark canal while this colorful guy hunted bugs. He was a stealthy (and hungry) little thing so many photos came out blurry. And guess what? Herons look like cats when they hunt. Very still, then aiming toward the prey, then LUNGE, SNATCH! Bug in the beak. He caught at least three big grasshopper-looking things as it got progressively darker and I had to eventually give up. The bugs were eating me at that point anyway.

Two views with two different camera settings. Nothing fancy, just a Canon Powershot, so I'll take what I can get.

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Bob said...

They are such beautiful birds.